NEWガイアの夜明けで紹介された、クラウドファンディングを活用して新規事業を立ち上げるためのスクール「zenschool(ゼンスクール)」 23期新規募集(残席3名)


What is zenfactory?


  zenfactory doesn't have factories or special technology, but we have the privilege of hearing and coordinating the needs of "makers" who want to develop their original IoT product, saying, "we'd like to develop this kind of merchandise." Or, "designers" and "makers" that want to start a manufacturing business. There are 38 zenschool graduate-affiliated companies, with about 48 people consigning Japanese hardware accelerators to small- and mid-sized manufacturing companies. With metalworking, our company is a one-stop service for putting together small- and mid-sized manufacturing companies working in the thriving field of smartphone application development.


●zenfactory's track record so far - examples:


1. Digital Grid Solutions KK: developed the introduction of electric installations in the African market
(planning specifications→trial manufacture→mid-scale mass production)


2. Makers: IoT device's electric circuit design, introduced circuit board designer

(planning specifications→select electric circuit design and factory for mass production→mid-scale mass production)


3. Makers: IoT device cabinet, introduced resin cast manufacturer

(metal mold design→trial manufacture→mid-scale mass production)


4. Makers: IoT-supported audio headphones

(make the concept→product design→planning specifications→trial manufacture)


zenfactory's strong point is that it's connected with trust and confidence to the domestic manufacturing industry as its mainstay


 Here at zenfactory, we aren't simply the middleman receiving orders in exchange for money. This company, along with all zenschool alumni who have studied "micro- manufacturing," deal with any matter flexibly yet quickly in a network of manufacturing industries that play a central role domestically, through a relationship of deep trust and confidence. We are privileged to offer quality and peace of mind with micro-manufacturing.


① Consultation

 First (after a non-disclosure agreement is closed, if applicable), please tell us about the product concept. For the interview, we'll make use of Google Hangout or some similar online video chat platform. We'll be able to talk with no cost on time or money from anywhere in the country. (the initial video chat we used was less than 30 minutes) Even if you already have a design and prototypes, we would have you share the product concept, that way we may share the final goal with you. If you would like to discuss anything further, please make an inquiry from here first.

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 ② Delve into product concept and product design

 We'll deepen the product design via discussions, like, "Who will use the product?" or, "What about the future of users implementing this product?" If the product concept isn't clear, the products that come out during the prototype stage will be imperfect, trial manufacturing will have to be repeated, and it's highly likely that funds will run short. Therefore, we will spend time on a "concept definition." Once the product concept becomes clear, we can move on to the stage with tangible product design and product designers from our network of major companies.

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③ Planning specifications (the most important step)

 Based on many years experience engaged in manufacturing consultancy, we make arrangements with compatible zenschool graduate manufacturing businesses, and during planning we will formulate specifications. At this phase we decide if we do planning specifications for prototypes, or if we formulate specifications if we anticipate mass production. For future production, planning specifications anticipating mass production become crucial. In addition, for compatibility with IoT products we carry out web service and smart phone application design and development at this stage.


④ Trial manufacturing

 Based on completed specifications, we will select the appropriate trial manufacturing site from among the factories belonging to zenschool graduates.


⑤ Crowdfunding

 We will post finished prototypes for crowdfunding, and, while assessing the product's marketability, we will get points of improvement from the users' reactions. Then we will be able to move toward mass production. And because crowdfunding is done with zenmono, we can carry out support (such as "designers" or "engineers") called "friend gathering." Plus, with friend gathering we can carry out "recruiting partners for pioneering the market."

(*this photo is a picture of zenmono)


⑥ Factory selection and mass production

 Based on many years experience engaged in manufacturing consultancy, our company's management makes arrangements with the factories of our zenschool graduates. We select a mass production site and we carry out the production. We also have the privilege of acting as quality control for finished products.


⑦ Sales

 zenmono is equipped with an e-commerce site, zenshop, where we exhibit and sell products. And because the zenschool graduates are already connected with mass marketers, volume retailers, etc., we even cultivate brick and mortar business.

(*this photo is a picture of zenshop)


●Inquiries for zenfactory

For inquiries about zenfactory, first please contact us here. We will contact you without delay.


● What is zenschool?

zenschool is a manufacturing school where managers discover what it is that moves them - four days, 48 hours a week. Thanks to clients like you we have already welcomed our eleventh term. In that time we've had businesses surpass 30 million yen in sales of in-house manufactured goods; and we've had businesses surpass their pre-course sales by 250%. All our businesses that came up with project ideas and posted for crowfunding were successful in fundraising, and now they've switched to B2C goods and services. Please see the details here.