NEWガイアの夜明けで紹介された、クラウドファンディングを活用して新規事業を立ち上げるためのスクール「zenschool(ゼンスクール)」 23期新規募集(残席3名)
  • 1. Preparation
  • 2. Submit a project
  • 3. Confirmation
  • 4. Finish

What is makers' platform zenmono?

It is a platform service that small factories and creators can gather funds or people that is required for development, production, or commercialization of their works and products. Creators build their product pages and making video to communicate enthusiasm, and fans can pledge money to make it happen if they like the project.

1 Read before post a project

First of all, please read through Terms of Service. Then, please think about how you can tell your enthusiasm about the project to people who will be fans with sympathy to your project. We'd encourage you to peruse projects already posted in zenmono.
» Term of Service » Document Download

2 Submit a project

Please fill out the application form on the next page, and apply for your enthusiasm about the project.
We do not allow charity, donations, investment, or financing projects.
» Submit a project

3 Launch a project with feedback

We let you know feedback and whether the project is approved or not via email. You can build your project page based on feedback and launch the project whenever they're ready.

4 Promote your project

Once you launch a project, let’s spread the word using your Twitter account or your Facebook page, etc to get people to back your project. Spread your project by zzenmono Twitter or Facebook account, or Newsletter.
» Twitter of zenmono » Facebook of zenmono

5 Project GOAL!!

If you have achieved more than 100% of the target amount during the fund period, the project is GOAL (successful) and 85% of the total amount of support will be paid to you. (We pay credit card transaction fee)

6 Let's give back and thank supporters and patrons who supported your project

The feature of zenmono is communication with patrons and supporters who lead a project to success with money and specialty. When your project is completed, regardless of GOAl or NO GOAL, let's give back and say thanks to your patrons or supporters. You can use the message function to communicate with them.