NEWガイアの夜明けで紹介された、クラウドファンディングを活用して新規事業を立ち上げるためのスクール「zenschool(ゼンスクール)」 23期新規募集(残席3名)

●What's supporter?

Dear supporters

  Please join us if there is a possibility of a technical support to project the player has proposed.And you will exchange views with players through e-mail and so on to find out how you can support the project technically.

  Frankly speaking, as is often the case with players, they are short of fund, and you may be asked to support them without compensation in the worst case. Or you may be rewarded with limited amount of money players can afford after success of the project.  

  Of course, encounter with player you support may lead to the relationship of business partners in the future, when project start as business. If you are impressed with the idea and thought of players, please support them for the success of the project and also for the business start-up afterward. That is our pleasure!

●There are 7 kinds of supporters you can call for help.

  There are 7 kinds of supporters players can meet to get support as follows. Let them impressed with your project and complete it with their support.  

  • Designer
    Designer :  a person who can cooperate in design of products
  • Marketer
    Marketer :     a person who can cooperate in marketing
  • Seller
    Seller :    a person who can cooperate in sales promotion by his or her own sales route
  • Engineer
    Engineer :    a person who can cooperate in product development
  • Maker
    Maker :   a person who can cooperate in mass production of your products
  • Menter
    Mentor :    a person who can cooperate as adviser of management
  • Staff
    Staff :    a person who can cooperate in various fields other than ones in above


​Please enjoy over supporters' experience! 

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