NEWガイアの夜明けで紹介された、クラウドファンディングを活用して新規事業を立ち上げるためのスクール「zenschool(ゼンスクール)」 23期新規募集(残席3名)

●What's patron?

Dear patrons.

  You can join us in the project by having you invest the money for the project. Please support the project with a feeling to cheer. You can obtain a product or service as a return if the project has achieved.

  Let's support the project, such as advice and information dissemination. And you'll continue to promote the project with excitement with us and player. "zenmono" have adopted the "All or nothing" system. If the project is not achieved, it is canceled and will not be charged.

  It will be charged only if the project you helped have achieved. If the project has been achieved, players assume the obligation to pay the "return" to the patron who have supported.

  Please support with confidence in the project that you want to support.
Please refer to the Terms of Use for details. For payment by bank transfer
It does not correspond to the bank transfer from countries other than Japan.

Please enjoy over patorons' experience! 

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