NEWガイアの夜明けで紹介された、クラウドファンディングを活用して新規事業を立ち上げるためのスクール「zenschool(ゼンスクール)」 23期新規募集(残席3名)

What is zenmono?

"zenmono" is a crowdfunding site that specializes in manufacturing.

Do not you think you want to make a product if you came up with a great idea? Or you give it up because of various reasons? You will be able to recruit supporters along with the funds in the "zenmono". Supporters are designers, manufacturers and retail stores and so on.

We can do consulting if player want it. What we can do is “Consulting for successful crowdfunding”, “Consulting for mass production” and so on. Designers and manufacturers can be a supporter of technical assistance. You can recruit supporters and patrons from Japan and the United States.

Let's use the zenmono in order to provide a high value to your ideas.

zenmono concept video

There are 7 kinds of supporters you can call for help.

  There are 7 kinds of supporters players can meet to get support as follows. Let them impressed with your project and complete it with their support.  


  • Designer:  a person who can cooperate in design of products
  • Marketer
    Marketer: a person who can cooperate in marketing
  • Seller
    Seller:   a person who can cooperate in sales promotion by his or her own sales route
  • Engineer
    Engineer: a person who can cooperate in product development
  • Maker
    Maker: a person who can cooperate in mass production of your products
  • Menter
    Mentor:   a person who can cooperate as adviser of management
  • Staff
    Staff:   a person who can cooperate in various fields other than ones in above


zenmono adopt “All or nothing system” that you can get fund only when you reach the goal.

“All or nothing system” we adopt is the one that in case you cannot reach the pre-set goal of funding within the period of project (no goal), you don’t get fund from supporters, and your project is automatically canceled.

Only when you reach the goal, you will be funded. Project players who have reached the goal will have obligation to pay returns (Thank you) to patrons who have supported you, and your project will start.

Please feel free to support the projects you are impressed to do so. Please refer to Terms of use “Article No.13 Payment of fund money to players”

●In zenmono you can re-challenge any times regardless of failures in the past.

You don’t always succeed in making products at one time. You will finally make products with high perfection after repeating proto-type making at many times. From viewpoint of manufacturers, we understand the difficulties in making products. Therefore it is possible in zenmono to keep your project going on in our website even after you fail to succeed in acquiring target amount of money. Also it is possible to continue to ask for the resources other than money that is necessary to accomplish your project.

Using these functions you can invite new project members, make your project more feasible than before and continue to keep it going in our site. Try your idea as many times as you want, and challenge the possibilities of your projects.

●Relationship with players that zenmono hope to keep.

The relationship between administrator (us) and players that zenmono want to build is that we play a role as an accompanist and lead you to go for success of your project hand in hand all the times.

(When we meet the players who succeeded in making merchandise by using fund through zenmono, we feel from the bottom of our heart that “our activities bring great pleasures to ourselves too.” )

●For patrons and patronesses who want to assist projects.

For patrons and patronesses zenmono is new style of how to assist players that is different from investment or donation. You can receive premium goods and services (Thank you) as a return of support ahead of others such as deliverables made by the projects and progress reports given from blogs or videos in website.Please find the projects you like and support them.


●Words in zenmono.

Words used in zenmono are as follows;


a person who has the account of zenmono


a member who suggest his or her project


a member who support a player financially for the success of the project by purchasing “Thank you”


a member who support a player by his or her own capability or network other than money for the success of the project


a plan to realize various products or things like those, including a mind to realize them and explanation of the necessary fund


a supporter who direct a mind to realize projects and organize the process to execute the projects in the concrete


to reach the target amount of money within the period of collecting funds that players decide

no goal

not to reach the target amount of money within the period of collecting funds that players decide

Thank you(Arigatou)

a selectable return that is material and immaterial as a token of gratitude according to the amount of money received from patron


●Rules of zenmono

After you put your project on zenmono for presentation to realize your idea, and when you collect more than 100% of target amount of money within the period between 7 days minimum and 90 days maximum to call for patrons, your project will be goaled. Only when project is goaled, fund will be charged from credit card of patrons who sponsored and “Thank you” will be carried out. Please refer to Terms of use for details.


●Recommended browsers of zenmono

For you to use zenmono at ease, the browsers below are recommended as follows;

Internet Explorer 9.x, 10.x
Google Chrome (Latest version)
Mozilla Firefox (Latest version)
Safari 5.0 and after

Let’s meet various people and make world cheerful by exciting product-making through zenmono !

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